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Some Nice Domains Dropping Today and some Links

For the first time in 6 weeks I had some time to work on some of my plant sites.  While I didn’t actually get anything on the sites, I did get 100 or so photos of the plants that I needed for the sites.  My plant sites are built of photos.  Original photos.  If I want my sites to stand out from the other sites on the net then the content has to be different than the other sites on the net.  With nice digital camera all I have to take is 100 photos in some good light and I can get at least one that is website worthy. I took over 1000 today so I figure I’ll get 100 🙂  Now on to the names. I think this is a $5K name. Enough searches to warrant the purchase of the dot net.  Lots of home brewers Domain name valuator site?  Nah that’ll never work Plenty of these on the net.  Getting plenty of attention with 63 bidders Surprised more people aren’t on this one.  Nice generic name Porn site in waiting.  I hear there’s no money in them but I am more of a beta tester than a site maker here The only thing that comes to mind are the drinks but I guess it could be a social site

Anyone looking for a slightly used domain auction platform?  [thedomains]

Rick gets it right again [ricksblog]

Good Domain, Poor Site [sullysblog]

I love it when a page goes up without getting checked over (look to the left) [randomsite]

Domain Spotlight: