Special Edition: This Weekend’s Drop and Auction Picks

Jun 18 2011

Sorry for the late list.  Been burning the candle at both ends,  Just to let you know, three 5 hour energy drinks don’t give you 15 hours of energy.  Here are the names.

SkillSet.com Nice name for product suite of some kind.  I have a nice skill set.  I can make pigeon calls with my hands, make layups with both hands, and empty the dishwasher in under 4 minutes

Rayr.com 4 letter dot com with a 1998 Birthday.  I could see it as a new web app but I could also see it sitting in a portfolio collecting dust.

Tunbridge.com Evidently a geo domain.  12 million results on Google but none of them really excites me.  Then again none of the results had any cute girls on them either.

CalorieManager.com A nice name to possibly monetize the huge amount of fat people in the world.  Sorry that’s insensitive.  Giant people

Nicknames.net Could have some fun with this one. Everyone had a nickname in school. Well, everyone except me.

NaturalTreatments.org Natural and dot org go together perfectly.

Cloaker.net Nice proxy site name.  If you thought of Harry Potter when you saw the name you really need to get out more

PetFriendlyHotels.org I’ve always found it odd that people bring their pets with them on vacation but a lot of people do so there’s a need here for a directory

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  1. Diva Domainer


    Both you and Brian have done a better job of scouring domains than I have today. I’m getting rusty! (All I liked was classicsurfboards.com.) Figured your afternoon post is indicative of all-morning training as IM nears.

    Have a good weekend,

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