Sunday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around the Internets 1/22/12

Jan 22 2012

Before we get to some football, American Football for all my overseas friends, let’s take a look at some names we can pick up today.  Got in a nice 35 mile ride in this morning on the computrainer, so no matter what happens today I feel like I got something accomplished.  Let’s see if we can add a few money making domains to the mix.  1996 Birthday and if you build it, I will come. I think I know a fella that may want this name.  Texas guy, domain investor, and owns cattle.  Forty other cattle guys bidding on this.  1997 Domain and very easy to say and spell.  Whatever you do, insure their vehicles, not their health.  I work with truckers and they are usually in less than ideal health.   A tough name to brand or build out but certainly a well known dictionary term. that I like because of the double As and the F which is nice for Federation.  Old people think Howdy Doody, me, all I can think is “He puts the lotion on the skin”  I know you’d rather have but some of you complain I put names that go for too much so here’s your lower shelf domain. 1999 Birthday  I realize it’s a dot net but you should be able to rank fairly quickly with this exact term.  Same here and again for $69 you could do a lot worse on a domain




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  1. Terrell

    Well I can say that with 40+ others bidding, it won’t go for commodity prices. Oh well, I’ll do alright either way – I either get a decent domain at a good price or I get a comparable for my other cattle names.

  2. Trico

    “Not quite in shape for a bikini . Once I do, I’m thinking stars on top, stripes on the bottom”

    Stars & Stripes?

    Shane, you are a 100% True American!

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