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Sunday’s Weekend Extravaganza of Auction and Drop Picks and Inside Information

Owen would be proud of that title.  None of it’s true except the picks thing but I thought it might get your attention.  There are some pretty good names for a Sunday so I thought I would do a list today.  I might be able to actually get some night work done starting this week as there is supposed to be a break in the weather.  I think my skin has changed 4 shades darker from all the sun this week.  I also single handily made Pepsi stock rise with my consumption of 205 Gatoraides during the week.  Now onto the names. A bit of a Wizard of Oz pigeonhole here but there are a few uses for this well known character name I would think that this would be a good name but I’m not sure heavy porn lovers can spell amateur Missing the “s” that would take it to next price level but still a nice name.  Especially if you are an antique quilt lover like I am. Tough email to give out I say it goes for around $1000 Hungry in Spanish and for $69 it’s a good deal if you are a Spanish speaking site developer. Not really that positive of a term but it pays well Dropping so put your backorder in at your favorite dropcatcher Good DUI or safe driving name

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