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Thanks Everyone For Helping with the Recent Malicious Javacript

I started getting emails today saying their virus protector was going off like a siren when they visited my site today.  I searched the site for hours and finally found a piece of javascript hidden in an ad I was running. I’m sure it was there since the original hack and I so nicely reinstalled the ad.  It was very easy to see in the header.  If you’re like me, you know your header html like the back of your hand from goofing around with it so many times.

When I was googling the problem I ran across Morgan’s mention of it being in his header and so despite cleaning the header last week I decided to peer at it again.  I did have to reset the site last week after the hack and with all the cut and pasting it was possible that I pasted a nice piece of javascript back in.  Sure enough, there is was in a eassociates ad for Snapnames.  It wasn’t their fault, it was just a nice place to hide it.  I cleaned her up and judging by the new emails saying that it was better, I think I’m ok.  I was just about to redo the site anyway so I think this is as good of a sign as any.  Now, anyone want to help me build and design a fancy new website for DomainShane?

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6 Replies to “Thanks Everyone For Helping with the Recent Malicious Javacript”

  1. Nice to hear that you fixed the problem with the javascript, I hope you don’t get attacked again!

    I’d love helping you build a new fancy design for your site. I’m going on a 2 week vacation starting this Monday. But check out my blog at, and some of my other sites at, or for some reference of my design/wordpress skills. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. Glad you got this fixed Shane! I had spam-links injected in the header of 10 of my WordPress sites – no fun to clean them out!

  3. Whatever or whenever you modify the design, please do avoid keeping more than one animated object (images/banners) on a page.

    Also, don’t keep the animated stuff in the hotspots – keep it in a less prominent place, because the animation will anyhow grab attention from far off spots, while a hotspot could be used to highlight other less attractive but high paying stuff.


  4. I have to agree that just getting a fancy WP theme is cheaper and easier
    but if you eventually decide to build your own website, I’d be glad to help.
    so, if and when you do – you do have my email, feel absolutely free to use it.

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