The Above Average Weekend Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Jul 02 2011

Big weekend.  I get almost (have to go in and water plants)  two days off in a row for the first time since March 15th.  I’m going to try and use it to change the world.  Then again I may just lower my goals and try and get a few extra hours of sleep.  In the meantime, here are a few domains I like for the weekend that are at auction or dropping somewhere in the domain world. Other than being a hilarious name it’s also a PR6.  Not sure if that matters anymore but 30 bidders think it does. It’s only on the wish list.  Not exactly sure how the wish list works but I know I wish this were my domain The name defines “fine work”.  A lot of great uses Twice as good as a 4 X 4 No matter what they say The big giant Internet is moving back to local and this is a heck of name for a local directory A much cheaper domain with the same value as  1999 Birthday I’m trying to hit mine but I think “your” potential would have any more value If you like three letters Another one If there is any word that goes perfectly with a dot org it’s this one. I would like this name even more if there wasn’t already a new company called Great soccer or shoe name for $69

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  1. Jason

    Hi Shane,

    Happy 4th to you and your family. The drops are hotter then ever these days, simply amazing. BTW, is up @ snap..:)


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