The DomainShane Book of 10:, and other Sexy Names

Mar 27 2014

Today’s names are the usual mixed bag. A few names at auction that will sell and some names at BIN prices. If you see a name you like make an offer. You never know. Here are today’s names.


.    Make Offer.   Take a look at Google if you don’t know what this is.  26 million results.  Huge education domain. MOOCs are becoming a big part of the future of education.  The is owned by Open Universities Australia. Contact owner via whois   $1000  Michael Berkens reviewed this name on DomainSherpa (at the 18:15 mark) and gave it an estimate of $10-20K.  In short, Berkens rates this a buy  (at auction) In today’s self obsessed world it seems that every kid under 25 is looking for this.  The name sold for $3K several years ago.

WebsiteDesign.LA  Thousands of web designers in Los Angeles.  With Geo names like .NYC taking off , the LA names should ride along with them  Makes 4-$7 a day.  Two number dot coms are going up from here IMO.  Tell them Shane sent you if you buy it.  No commission but might boost my Klout score   The newest way to finance your home.  Laws are changing so you can actually take investment in return for equity instead of sending them a can of mints with your logo on it in exchange for funding.  $1000 The domain market is as liquid as any domain out there.  If you read my daily list you’ve seen how much the prices have risen. Has an 8 in the middle which is desirable and even has 530,000 results in Google.  Not a lot of LL.nets out there for sale lately  Means ” You Too” in Spanish.  Would make a great brand and half of California knows what this means already   The go to answer when asked what your biggest problem is.  One of my favorite names at the Buy Domains Auction

And My Names for Sale  2 people backed out on this one at $300 so now it’s $400.  $4K   Nice repeating vowel CVCV  $5K   Another nice CVCV.  You usually see name like this for sale for more than $10K


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