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The Tuesday Morning Daily 7 Links

Tuesday is always media day for me.  It’s the day I’m on ABC to talk plants.  Each time I get a little more practice in front of the camera and share my love and knowledge for all things green.  Right now I’m just the garden guy, not the domain guy.  To me,  Patrick is the face but I’m watching and learning and perhaps someday I’ll represent.  Now on to the links

I go back to this every once in a while because it is a great statement.  Just Be Awesome by Phil Pearlman

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this “style” of picture with the Washington Monument

Great post:  The Superbowl Test for Buying Domain Names from IDN Blog

Sometimes you don’t want to hear the answers to your questions

If this sticker is blue

Here’s a friend’s newest site.  Gajitz

I have to remember to ask Katie Couric to my next party

Domain Spotlight:

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