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The Weekly Domain Twitter Post and Response Session

It’s that time once a week where I take various Twitter posts regarding domaining and give them the proper answer they are seeking.  Here are the tweets of the week

@KevinSavetz Dear Domain Registry of America: you suck. Sincerely, Kevin.

Are you mad because they are the “registry of America” and based out of Canada or because they scam people with email stating that the transfer of a domain is ‘not complete at this time’, and requesting the domain owner follows a series of steps to complete the transfer to DRoA.   For me it’s the Canada thing

@jessaguilera The company we registered the domain with didn’t send me a bill, so the domain expired. If I can’t fix it, I’ll get a new one

No doubt, there’s a million great names out there and 12 months pass so quickly. I’m the same way with my power bill.  No bill, no pay.  If they turn off my lights, I’ll just get a new power company

ZappyBox Helluva week already. Girl already shit on me, lost my Google Adsense, and now someone is wanting to buy my domain.

Bad, Bad, Good.   It really depends on how much shit,  how much Adsense you were making , and how much the offer is to truly rule how the week is going.  And it’s only Wednesday

@bombayhosting #Domains Rhodri Marsden: Are catchy domain names worth paying big sums for? – Independent

I prefer NOT to read such rubbish.  It’s easy to write a story on how people pay too much for domains but to truly understand she has to overpay for a couple like I have.  Is Rhodri a boy or girls name? I don’t speak British.

@joegetsfitdotca @bluefur you guys really charge $26 for a domain renewal?!?!

My pet peeve in all of domaining.  Anyone that charges over $12 for a domain should be tarred and twittered

@podcasthelper two things I can’t believe. 1) I bought ANOTHER domain & 2) was not taken…guess the show will go on;)

I believe both

@micahstephens Is there a a top-level domain that’s good for film/movies? .tv sounds like television.

Does it really matter because your film will just be squatted on and you’ll have to end up registering  The good news: ICANN will most likely come out with an ending that sounds like movie like .muv

@allstarnames domain name is up for pre-bids (#ilikedyouuntil, #imtiredofPeople, #nowplaying, #americanidol, American Idol)

Wow, now that’s marketing.  Using all those trending words on Twitter is absolutely brilliant.  The #ilikedyouuntil people liked you until you spammed them with your domain name for sale

@claraleopard Jonathan just admitted he bought the domain name “little kids speaking French” just in case for no reason at all.

I couldn’t help it. I went to the url and unfortunately nothing.  I really really like kids speaking French.  So much that I call Francois hoping that his kids will be talking in the background

@BeckyBenedict just bought a domain name! bibbidy boppidy boop

I think people are really going to have trouble spelling

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