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This Month’s 5L dot com Sales Charts

As per the usual over the last 6 months, the 5 letter dot com market is producing some great sales.  For the most part, the easy to pronounce, easy to spell names are the ones that are seeing the biggest increase in value.  The dictionary names don’t really count but I’ve still included them as officially they are still 5L dot coms.  Take a look at the Top 10 sales chart

1. $300,000 (Sedo)

2.  $200,000 (Sedo)

3.  $57,000 (AfternicDLS)

4. $10,719 (Sedo)

5. $8000 (Snapnames)

6. $6800  (NameJet)

7. $4788 (AfternicDLS)

8. $3350 (Sedo)

9. $2349 (NameJet)

10. $2345  (Sedo)

Numbers courtesy of DnJournal

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4 Replies to “This Month’s 5L dot com Sales Charts”

  1. I can never tell if you’re being serious when you discuss 5 letter domain names or if it’s your sense of humor and you are mocking those people who were pumping/dumping/losing regarding the 4 letter domain name bubble that ended with a lot of newbies losing a lot of money. LOL.

    If you are purposefully discussing it mockingly – kudos – your sense of humor is not lost. If not, oh man.

    1. If you are going to keep being an asshat in the comments at least grow a pair and quit hiding behind a fake email. CVCV dot coms are worth even more than during the bubble. Good names are good names, those that know the difference will be the people that profit. The entire domain industry is built on flipping and full of naive people but contrary to what you might think, I’m not one of them.

  2. Baibu was a real surprise. Probably just because of, it went for 57k.

    Shane, why don’t you do a post about – Where and how to sell your brandable 5L domains.

    I am sure many domainers have quality 5L domains but they aren’t able to get the kind of exposure it needs.

  3. Hey Shane,

    I reg’d a pronouncable 5L .com about two years ago and kind of let it drop becuase I reg’d it during my newbie rite of passage of regging absolute crap. I recently checked and that same name is now taken so clearly it held some value for someone. I have often thought about what it could have sold for had I kept it.

    Could you perhaps write a post about 5Ls and how to value them, which ones to go for etc? I’ve spotted a few available ones recently but don’t know whether to reg them or who the potential buyers might be. Seems more of a gamble than my current method of buying Google keyword matches for site development. Would be very interested in getting your opinion.
    Hit me up!

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