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This Weekend’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping

It’s still the holiday season so that means off to work so I’ll get straight to the names.  Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  Here they are Hopefully I can remember to get back to this one to bid.  Love the name Good CPC, nice name Somebody said 4 letter dot coms are still doing well.   They’ve always sold well just not for the prices of 3 years ago.  I prefer to stick to good letters and this one certainly has them Again nice letters Just like the sound of the name.  At $69 its a fun domain It’s where I get all my tools.  At auction.  You should see the $3 pipe wrench I got this year.  Steal of the year. My wife should be in this club.  She is always cleaning the house. Vaccum this, mop that

uBored?.com I know you can’t put the question mark there but great name for entertainment site.  And no bidders.  Sorry but there will be now It’s another development type name but book value of cars is something people are always looking for.  Lends itself to dot org 13 year old domain.  At $400 which is still a pretty good price Because we’re all getting tired of this fake shit

I’ll add more as the day goes

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. My wife should be in that club too .. unfortunately that only ever happens after half-price margarita night and she has to be really horny : -)

  2. Where is shanes head lately dizzy fingers cooties anal club ubored noentry lol he might need to use soon

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