Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-10-12

May 10 2012

I’m testing out a new domain list parser and it looks like its going to be pretty sweet.  The list today is the first result of using the new tool.  Best of all it lets me snipe Godaddy (yes, does this also) We’ll try it out a few more days and if the results continue I’ll let you know what it is.  Here are today’s names. This two character dot net is fetching a big boy price Home sites are fetching big ad revenue and larger media are snapping them up. Get snapped  Already over $3000   I want to retire and write this site full time.  Some day, some day  “because we want to be YOUR hospital”  No bidders for this nice name  I think I listen to this radio station.  LLLL.coms that start with “W” always have some value.   The bell repair market has taken a big hit but I think this still has value as a site that performs some type of service  Gotta have them for fake IDs Here’s the name of your new drop site  Not sure how much value it has but sounds like a very fun evening.  As expected, no bidders but I may take it just to be the king of the newest party game  Thought there would be more bidders on this one.  I think you could get to the front page for this one pretty easily and then sell it to a real developer  Very shippable product  Here’s mine, spend less time studying for your career and more time working in it.  I like the look of it even without the vowels.  Solid  I figure this will go high because of the high paying keyword  Yet another that is worth owning IMO

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