Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-9-12

May 09 2012

I’m looking for a new tool to search the drops if anyone wants to point me in the right direction. If you are the owner or creator I think I would be a good person to team up with to promote the site. There are a lot of tools out there but most don’t have the search functions I’m looking for. Hell, if you get right down to it I’d love someone to build me a tool that does all the things I need to search for. Enough about my problems, here are today’s names. Just don’t covet the neighbors wife. Or bring her to a domain conference You would think I would want this one. It has too many bids for me to hide it anyway. Too generic for my online strategy if that makes any sense. Or maybe I’m playing opossum. Yes possum has an “O” in it. Lead gen mega name Simple question for a simple site. $22 is low enough you can take a shot on this one.

ePromocode.comA lot of people making good money with Godaddy promo codes but there millions of people looking for promocodes from all over. And this is cheap Even a hyphen can’t get in the way of this HUGE name Don’t believe the search numbers. These things are HUGE. Every kid I know under 15 has one of these now. I may buy this one. Tons of google ads Time between planning of an idea and execution. Only one bidder. Good value Another nice at I like to eat and fly fish so therefore I like this one Not very many bidders. Could be good for a flip A waste of money in my opinion, not the domain, the political causes

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  1. Nadia

    The link to Wedding-Cakes goes to the non-hyphenated version, which is Wish List. You have to search to get to the hyphenated version. It’s a great name, but the nonhyphenated version is developed, which would be problematic, unless you were going to try to sell it to that one company.

    Anyway, just letting you know about the link.

    1. Post author


      Thanks for the input. I fixed it earlier but didn’t get to thank you. The nursery was hopping today and didn’t get a chance to go online until now. May is my busiest month and as my family can attest, I drop a lot of balls and miss a lot of thank yous. I do my best and in the end all seems to turn out fine. Thanks for reading and the comments.

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