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Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-3-12

I love May.  Busy at the nursery, can wear shorts all day, can run without my shirt, and two days into the month and I’ve already had a great month selling domain.  Hard to say which of the four I enjoy the most.  Here are today’s names.   Love this name.  Very cool looking and sounding IMO  Price is already moving pretty high.

BlackStripe.comIt has to give you less of a handover than Red Stripe. Great brand  When it was originally registered I doubt they were thinking website These types of names have replaced Stacey, Kim, and Amy    I don’t think I’ve met a girl under 5 that doesn’t have a K in it.

7n.orgPrice proves that two characters sell for good money, even if it’s a dot org

6b.orgNot as high as the one above but still fetching a solid price  Only 4 bidders for this 1996 birthday domain  Great letters.  I may actually buy this one  You can be front page of Google  for this snake if you want.  No bidders  $7 CPC but I bet there are going to be some keywords in your website that will pay much more than this  I’m definitely NOT going to the built out site on this one  Great product domain.  Almost every person in the world needs one  Yeah, I know.  I’m supposed to want this.  Its a great name but I just don’t do mowing or lawns.  Surprised there aren’t more bidders here.  Sounds like it would be easy hunting on that island.   I think I’m jumping the gun by a day but caught my eye tonight and didn’t want you to miss it.

Domain Spotlight: