Totally Off Topic: Creepy Terry Richardson Shares His Film of Kate Upton Doing the Cat Daddy

May 02 2012

Terry Richardson has the job that all men wish they had.  He’s a fashion photographer that takes photos of the most beautiful women in the world. The literally drop their clothes for him.  He has been known to drop his clothes while he takes photos.  But that’s for another post on another blog.  But yesterday he took some photos and some video of the unbelievably gorgeous Kate Upton.

You may know Kate from her little flub up at Miss America but you probably know her from being on the cover and all over Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition.  I love her because she is the cutest/hottest dancer on the Internet right now.  I could watch her dance for hours.  Even my wife says “Damn. I wish I looked like that”  So to thank you for all that you are and supporting DomainShane, I give you this.  Two video of Kate Upton dancing.  One, doing the Cat Daddy and two the Dougie.  Enjoy and have a nice evening.  We’ll be back to domaining tomorrow.

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