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Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-31-12

Great names going off today.  Deep with names and should be an easy day to spend some money.  Not much to talk about personally (imagine that) so I’ll cut to the chase and get to today’s picks  Do I hear 5K? Big price on this one but does get 3000 visits a month One of the better names in the last few days. Brokerage affiliate links pay very well. $66 is a steal for this 15 year old solar name I think this name will hit $3K. I am in until $2K You want a name that people will remember? Here you go and its cheap Not the greatest name on the board but a great deal at $12

T8.orgTwo character dot orgs have great liquidity   Could be to fix your home’s windows or fix your computer  It’s how “harry” should be spelled because that’s how most people pronounce it  Again, these constantly sell well   Many people want to know what diseases and problems they are predisposed to. I don’t care.  I’m living life like I could die tomorrow AND like I’m going to live forever  I don’t even know what cystic acne but I’m glad I never got it and I want to set up a website on how to get rid of it I’m not as high as others on this one because I think people either want to see movie previews or the whole video.   But hey, what do I know  This thing is an “R” away from being sweet  If you’re not familiar with steampunk you need to look it up.  Its taking something and making it look old and from the era of steam power.  But of course it has to be cool.


t will only cost you 99 cents if you think you can hand register something better

Here you go, just put in the code INDY500 and it’s only .99 cents a year at Godaddy

Domain Spotlight: