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Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-14-12

Well wasn’t that fun.  1900 new tlds and 2400 articles about it.  I may actually go back and read a few of them. Chatter is a good thing for the industry, even if you have to sift through the meaningful chatter.  Here are a few domains I found for today.  And yes the first price is correct. $22,000 yup….that’s what this is what the auction is up to. Take a look Valuate puts this one at $6500 plus. I took one of these but I admit it was more about meeting chicks that about making money at a night job This looks like a meaningless name but the names with “thumb” and “tap” are fetching HUGE prices because of the phone games  Great letters will fetch a great price CC.orgs generally go for $800 to $1000 but occasionally more  Good because its plugin, great because people think an i in front is great  For $85 this one is a great buy.  If you are like me, every harddrive you buy goes bad  If a girl gave me this email I think I would fall instantly in love.  Unless she was ugly and then it would take a while.  I would still think she was pretty awesome.  HUGE trend in recycling.  It’s taking a product and creating a product that’s either better or better environmentally  There are a few LLL.coms today and this is my favorite.  Tons of LLL.nets but I   am not as impressed with all the LLL.nets today.  Rough letters but they do have great liquidity and value.   Italian style or a name. Either way it will get a lot of bids   Solid numeric.  I’ll guess that it will sell for $1300     We’ll find out if a has any value  I hardly ever put domains with – in it but this is a big big big market




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