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Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-9-12

Outside the entire day and barely looked at the computer or phone all day.  Was a very nice day and have to admit, made the evening a little more exciting when I got to catch up on the day’s events.  The biggest problem is all my customers that don’t know I’m on vacation.  Texts and calls all day.  For some reason, customers don’t seem to care if I’m on  vacation at all.  Then again, they’re the ones paying for it so I better take care of them.  Here are today’s names  One of the better LLL.nets on Namejet in months. IMO of course. 16 years old  I like cute newscasters.  I am just going to say it. Put a couple on a website and I’ll visit  14 year old domain and a place I am going to visit tonight as I make up this list Everyone loves free and everyone loves having a job. Should do well 10 year old Nice program or app name. Could easily resell for $300-500  Not the sexiest name on the board but violist are people too Sayings have been doing very well.  This one has no bidders I have a similar geo home loan name. I have had several offers from banks but they are playing the woe is me card lately.  Last time I checked they are still the ones with the money I like this one because its a simple two word domain. Under $100  This one is going to cross $1000 to once again, show the strength of a good I personally think they are good investments  I am not a huge fan of the LLLL.coms where the traditional spelling would have repeating consonants (zeddy) but they seem to always sell well No bidders and how ironic this is where I am.  Nice name. I promise I’m not being biased  I have to believe that this 9 year old domain has to have more value than $70.  No bidders  It didn’t appeal to me at first but I can see this adding value to a company. It certainly would describe the business perfectly  Timeshare resale is a big business  If you see all the teeth whitening ads you know this name is worth a good chunk of change  Only going to grow in value with legalization around the corner

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Domain Spotlight:

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