Wednesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-8-12

Aug 08 2012

People have been writing me saying that my content this week is so much better and I should keep it up.  Would love to but one problem, I’m on vacation, sitting on the beach and have plenty of time.  You can write a little more when you have 10 extra hours a day.    I’d write more but it IS supposed to be vacation.  Here are today’s names. Great domain or app name. I feel like I already have it on my phone This is a HUGE business. People pay big bucks for semen and breeding. Surprised this is so cheap. Might as well pick up some semen while you’re at it. Don’t act like its the first time People are messing more and more with specified genetics of pets and animals. Certainly a name for the future Cool looking Yes a domain can be pretty  Surprised there are so many bidders but LOL is a popular term.  15 years old Fashion domains are doing very well and this would make a great brand.       13 years old and NO BIDDERS I don’t normally buy NNNN.nets but this one is special  City in China.  That would explain all the bidders and the $2000 bid already.  I really need to get in on this Chinese City thing  Fairly popular Asian first name  Very nice  I’ll be in on this one as well  Not the best name on the board but it’s been so long since I put a Snapnames name up I had to find something

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