Thursday’s Big Nasty List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Today On the Internets 12/29/11

Dec 29 2011

Got a mention on TechCrunch yesterday and nothing too exciting but I will say that TechCrunch gets the hell scraped out of it. The links came in like crazy from all the sites that scrape their content. I realize that in the SEO world those links are good for our site but all I could think of was all the people that don’t do any work and make money off the content that TechCrunch puts together. Think positive Shane, think positive. Speaking of positive, a couple of names here could make your account balance positive in the future. Not as good as previous days but everyday can’t be great. 17 bids and over $100,000 already. Companies are bidding for these keywords so this name has value. It just doesn’t have bidders Would seem like a name a bank would want. That or a scammer Domainers love the letter a. Like the Chinese like 8 and Kevin Murphy likes ICANN There are a ton of LLLL.coms up for auction. This is just another I like IMO it’s a good name. See what I did there? If you are going to sell bongs you might as well sell the best. Not sure how high it will go. People that go bankrupt have a MUCH higher chance of leaving the “T” off.

Stream.TV Good future for this one. Surprised to see 50 bidders on this one

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