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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domain Names and Auctions

It’s ironic that in a day when everyone wants to be so social that privacy and security are such a big concern.  If things can be stolen on the Internet then people will try.  It’s your job to be smart and protect your belongings.  My credit card numbers have been stolen, as has a domain, I’ve been scammed on forums, had my ebay account hacked, and had someone get into my paypal account.  Fortunately for me, all were lessons and not much of value was lost.  It sounds like a lot but I have been on the bulletin boards or Internet since 1984.  Many of the years, I was young and naive, other times I was greedy.  You hate to think something bad has to happen for us to pay attention but that’s how life works.  Now onto the names of the day. Fantastic 4 letter dot com.  Easily can see a business with this name.  1996 domain This should go for a fortune.  There’s some incredible Maine humor out there like this ….Did you hear they are opening a new zoo in Saco? They are putting a fence around Biddeford.   I almost pe’ed my pants with that one. Another great 4 letter dot com.  Hot word with “tab”  I think this one hits $2K Sorry about all the 4 letters but there are a ton of good ones today. And another (lots of backlinks) That’s what my wife does and I have a bid in for her so just skip over this one. Trust me, just back away, she’s a feisty one. instant loan domains do well.  Like the lottery it’s targeted for the poor Remember that texted password idea I talked about the other day. I’ve got the name even thought I hate the word cyber. I had to put this one on here early but this one already has 7 bidders and is at $30,000 and has 11 days left.  This is a Chinese dream domain.  Will be one of the top sales of that week guaranteed.  That is unless reserve isn’t met

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2 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domain Names and Auctions”

  1. These are hot names. Nice picks!

    I’ve got a 4 letter v name similar to above. It’ll probably be worth a fortune when I drop it. LOL.

  2. @Pat – funny how that works… like the old anology about painters and their paintings being worth more after they are dead.

    @Shane – keep up the Maine humer, it’s the Main reason I come here

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