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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

I don’t know if you heard the great news.  Grandma’s check came in the mail yesterday.  Grandma is 94 and still sends out $150 check out every single year.  I’m not sure if she has staff (it’s still her signature) or how she gets them all out but I find it amazing that she still views this as such an important event.  It used to be a huge amount of money years ago.  Now it’s what it represents.  Funny, I never thought money would represent something more than it’s cash value.  Now wipe your tears and look at these fine names. I’m thinking 24 hours of reruns of CSI and To Catch a Predator.  Yeah,  that’s all I got, that’s my business plan. Popular last name and 1996 registration.  And it only has 4 letters and it’s fun to say. 21,000 links and a PR5 Even better than Orff If I was a trucking company or any type of delivery company I would be all over this name Chinese don’t like the 4 so you can buy there and sell here.  Buy the non 4s here and sell there.  I just gave up my strategy, damn! This one will cost you a little more

Sorry that’s it for today. With the New Year coming the auctions and drops are a little light so I’ll leave you a joke to make up for it.  Let me know if you like it.

First for Francois

Un gars un peu fatigué s’arrête dans un petit bar sur le bord de la route.

Au bar, il lit sur l’écriteau: -Bière: 5$

-Sandwich au poulet: 8$

-Masturbation: 15$

Un peu méfiant, il regarde la serveuse super mignonne, les yeux et les cheveux noirs comme une belle nuit, derrière le bar.

Il hésite un peu, puis lui demande: -Heu, la masturbation là, c’est toi qui t’en occupes?

La fille roule un peu des hanches, le regarde langoureusement et répond d’une voix chaude:

-Oui, c’est moi, beau gars…

-Bon, alors lave-toi bien les mains parce que, moi, je veux un sandwich au poulet!

Then for the rest of you.

How do you know your girlfriend is getting fat?

She can fit in your wife’s clothes.

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  1. Shane, Why is Francois getting so much special attention these days? Don’t tell me you like a ‘catchy’ name from his portfolio and this is to soften him up a bit!

    1. Nope. He is the first to read my column each morning and struggles getting the joke in English so I thought i’d give himone he can actually read but looks like he missed it so no more French jokes. 🙂

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