Thursday’s Great Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Jul 28 2011

Big auction ending today with some solid names.  Same thing on Namejet but I’ll try and keep the list under 20 names.  And I’d also like to thank Adam Dicker for giving me the nice birthday present of changing my DnForum from Bgum to DomainShane.  When I started on DNF back in 2005 I hadn’t become DomainShane quite yet.  Now onto the names. 140 is the new 420.  Twitter/Marijuana joke there Pick up Want and Need for the complete set One of the better deals in the auction at under $500 My favorite of the whole auction. Nice name but I would much rather have skating than a trumpet. How cool would that be to get a WIPO against you from the President? I just can’t decide whether I’m going to pronounce it Z eye row  or Z ear row. Great name for price comparison site.  I guess that is pretty obvious I’m already writing a song for my commercials as we speak.  What rhymes with landlord? All the above

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