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Wednesday’s Daily List of Auction and Dropping Domain Picks

I FINALLY am getting the ball rolling on some new projects.  I am not the most technical guy in the world but I needed to move over my sites to a new server and didn’t feel comfortable doing it myself.  I had one person that decided he would do it but decided that he actually didn’t when he struggled with my host and all the passwords.  He told me I needed to learn to do it myself.  Thankfully a person I have worked with for years (since he was 18) is going to do it and help me out.  I know how to back up my sites using mysql and I’m sure I could move my sites but the fact of the matter is I would rather pay someone to do it who knows what the hell they are doing.  It doesn’t make me lazy, it makes me busy or smart enough to know better than to do something half ass myself.  I would rather not have to rely on others for the safety and security of my site but the reality is occasionally you have to leave important things in the hands of others, understand and keep an eye on what they are doing,  and still be able sleep at night.  Enough ranting, here are today’s names. Pretty strong name for $2500.   I’m not sure I like the past tense but I would imagine that is what is keeping it at a reasonable price. 1997 Birthday.  So many uses but like the thought of a new products guide.  Or a wait for sex until after your married type site but then again there are only 6 people on earth that actually practice that. Millions preach it though Hey Strong  you could get your cheap buttless leather chaps here Four number dot coms continue to do well. Could be a site for new US laws or autographed memorabilia.  Or just funny signs Anything with lawyers is a good domain pretty big category with the recent rent a bedroom startups Recently went up at   Pretty strong name.  I’m going to have to take my coins in from my jar and put a bid in on that one

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  1. Shane, are you moving to a new hosting company ? I’m in the process of accessing my options for a hosting company.


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