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Thursday’s Nice Domains That Are Dropping and a few links

I remember back 5 years ago when I was paying $500 for solid CVCV dot coms and now they are starting to fetch XX,XXX.   This is why I love domaining.  As long as there are those that don’t see value we all have a chance to make good money if we are patient.  I see CVCVs increasing for quite some time and I expect the top 5Ls to run right with them.  Just my opinion and to offer a little more, here are some names I like for today A nice pronounceable 4L dot com.  Probably will hit $1000 If you are going to sell pentagons this is the BEST domain in the world to do it from $5200 valuate and this one surprisingly has very few bidders $6500 valuate and high $5 CPC .  No bidders so this may end up being a steal (until I put it up)  I had to get in on this one.  No bidders last night.  The old rusty aluminum Super Friends lunch box has been replaced by lunch bags

I don’t know why people don’t like Elliot [fusible]

But then I get a hint of why  [elliotsblog]

Looks like someone is going to need to buy a new watch from Rick Latona [consumerist]

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  1. did you win i had my eye on at, auction was stolen from me for $270, was hoping to scoop up for $50.

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