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What I Love About Domaining: Domainers Helping Domainers

When I started domaining I felt like it was me against the world. I really didn’t know any other people that did what I did. I read all the stories on dnjournal about all the “Pros” that were making a living buying and selling domains but they were way out of my league. Eventually I learned that we’re all in the same league, it’s just some people have more money, more domains, and more knowledge that I do. I’m closing the gap though, and it’s all because of other domainers.

Since I’ve started this blog people have gotten to know me. They know my “niche” and every day someone emails me pointing out a garden domain or a 5L that is either dropping or up for sale. Sure I get emails from readers trying to sell me names that are pretty bad but out of all the bad names are a few that are solid names that I never would have found had I not written this blog.

What makes me feel good is the fact that other domainers are going out of their way to help me out. I often get the “you’re the only one I know that could monetize this” or “this would be perfect for you”. They actually thought of me as they were searching through domains and took the time to point it out to me. It doesn’t go unnoticed and I always try to say “thank you” to everyone that helps me out.

Long story short. Thanks to all the domainers that have helped me out, I can’t thank you enough. I love domaining and plants and it’s unbelievable that I can combine the two to make such a nice living.

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  1. Shane would you be continue the love and help out a domainer no0b with any helpful advice?


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