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Thursday’s Selections of Domains at Auction and Dropping Domains

I don’t know if you heard but I set a record yesterday over at Sedo.  Yeah that was me.   I got 4 clicks for a total of 1 cents.  I’m pretty strong at math and that comes out to less than a penny per click.  As an advertiser that’s a hell of a deal.  As a guy getting the money not so great.  I could sprinkle birdfood all over my keyboard and let pigeons click on the ads for 3 years and I’d only clear $47 at that rate.  In short, parking blows. Now onto the names. There are companies that do this and they will want to buy it.  Not to be confused with companies that do duck work.  Completely different Already at $6100 Yours for only a cool million. I love this name.  Q becomes easy to remember when it’s only two letters. My guess is that it meets reserve I think it’s a bargain under $50K 48 bids but in the dreaded “Wish List” category Big Boy name.  I think it goes for $7K plus.  Perfect escrow company name.  Just kidding. Only 3 bidders but tough name to monetize. Looks like Sandusky is trying to sell some assets Nice product domain. Up for sale the first time on May 2, 2011.  Didn’t catch how much it went for then.  Maybe the last owner got deported. 1993 Birthday and one of the oldest domains up for sale at Godaddy in a while Most of the domain conferences I go turn out to be this.  And I mean that in the nicest way

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  1. I met Mr. Fest and his brothers Johnson and Peter at TRAFFIC last year. After a few drinks, we all hung out together and tried to impress the numerous lady domainers in attendance.

    Good times.

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