Today’s Picks Of Websites Up For Auction Around the Net




For those of you looking to diversify or gain some monthly income then buying aged, income producing websites can be a good move.  Throughout each week I’m going to look  over the lists of websites for sale over at Flippa (who is selling $750K worth of websites a week so there is a big market)  and other auction sites and come up with a few worth looking in to.  There are a lot of new, “made to flip” websites that make up the majority of the sites but within there are always a few that present possible opportunity.  Always do you due diligence before buying. There are still a lot of people that play with their stats although Flippa is adding features that let people verify their analytics which is a good move towards getting some real numbers. Here’s today’s list.  From 2004.  Very interesting website.  In reality you are buying a business, selling restored Vespas.  There are too many details to go in to here in this brief description but it is certainly something worth looking in to if you wanted to take something like this on.  Like 95% of the sites on Flippa, it’s brand new but this one is actually pretty nice.  For under a $100 its a pretty good deal.  Its going to take some work, undoubtedly and you better like cycling.  Home design and style are big revenue right now.  If the price is right you could get a pretty good jump versus starting your own.    As long as Google didn’t ban the site and only banned the user’s Adsense account.  Per usual, a little risk involved but may be worth a shot here.    It’s infringing on Tide’s trademark so be cautious.  If anything it gives you some ideas of different websites you could make that just have “detergents” in the name rather than an actual brand.

Domain of the Day: