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Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-14-12

Pretty good day today for domain pickups.  I will be putting in a couple bids for myself today.  I have been more of a buyer than a seller lately but that’s only because I think its a great time to sell.  I think dot coms go up from here but nothing wrong with taking a little profit now and then.  I’ll be putting it right back in to domains minus a few personal splurges here and there.  Here is today’s list.

SimplyDelicious.comAlready fetching a nice price but understandable considering the branding possibilities

KOL.orgI am still made Kings of Leon had to quit their tour because the lead singer brother was a drunk. Was going to be my daughter’s first concert. Now it’s going to be One Direction. You can guess which one I would have rather have gone too  Ironically I am going to need one when I buy this name  So many uses for this one.  Will do well.  I think this may go over $5K.  Maybe $10K   Somebody is putting their CVCV’s up for sale to raise a little cash  It doesn’t get any simpler than these two words.  No bidders on this 14 year old domain  Ducklings are so cute.  Unfortunately they grow up to be just plain ducks.   The newest rowing simulator from Apple Computers  The new Post Secret/Whistleblower site looks like it has found a name   Amateur Photographer of the Year waiting to be built.  I get pissed even talking about it.  You could put one of those scrolling debt pages.  Like the sign where they just make some random number get higher than has a ton of zero behind it.  As long as it looks like a lot and the number gets higher quickly it will work.  One of the better LLLL.coms in the last week

BounceParty.comIf you rent inflatables you should have this name Cheap, cheap


Domain Spotlight: