Travs Daily List of Domains at Auction for Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Josh was reeling in fish on the Chesapeake Bay with some friends yesterday and asked if I could pick up his shift.  Good for him.  It’s important to make time for the things in life that you enjoy.  I don’t have 300 names in here like Josh is usually able to pull together, but I hope that you find something you like.  If you do, click through and buy it!  If not, I hope you at least laugh a couple of times.  Enjoy!

Other Names at Auction  a last name with a brandable sound to it this one fits right into the domaining wheelhouse  reserve range looks right to me  done right, this could be a very popular site I’ve got the $10K bid on this one – unfortunately, it hasn’t hit reserve yet

Godaddy Domains With Bids GD valuation = $1,965 Current price = $12,500 a few 4L’s – I like this one the best tomato in several other languages sell weed online where and when it is legal sports betting video compression 6N with a few 8’s nice name for selling dive gear online helping you navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency markets needs to be a rock / mountain climbing site looking for a name for this industry? this is a good one. recipe site / blog there has to be several amatuer teams out there called team monkey one bid – nice name for a sports bar

Godaddy Names With No Bids interior design, photography, art fashion at a discount vegan blog site the past few xxx names that I posted on the list with no bids sold – here is another one these are a thing – nice name to sell them lots of lyric sites out there, but only this one will cover the entire lyric universe some kind of document software or sell it to a urologist teach people to make pasta fintech and an upgrade name for a few companies tangerine trees, marmalade skies and a girl with kaleidoscope eyes discuss the Portland scene easy buildout, and you only need one funny smartass comment per day – could be a fun experiment design firm staffing solutions travel site in case you ever wanted to squat on a pornstar nice solar name just clean the big houses or hire a team and have them do it a mobile competitor to Survey Monkey several places could use this name – do a search for fargo fitness and see not sure what to do with it, but I like it.  honey maybe? meditation nice slogan for the sport a shining example of why you can’t just flip words. is a great name for a recipe site. is for recipes containing Panda Bear. diet / workout secrets for the heart social / news feed aggregator informational site showing and discussing various germs – kids love this stuff


Lots of these today…

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