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Trav’s List of Domains at Auction for Friday, September 27th, 2019

I got my first sale at SquadHelp a few weeks ago. I only had 20 names there and all of them there for less than a year so that is at least a 5% sell-through rate so far. Obviously, that is with a very limited amount of names and time, but I would be completely happy with that rate. The SquadHelp dashboard claims a greater than 12% sell-through rate on average for names listed at least 12 months. If true, that would be incredible.

What was the name? It was – one that neither BrandBucket nor Brandpa liked. I’m not sure who the end buyer is at this point – it looks like they are trying to get the website done still. I hope they do well.

This was one of the names that a domainer friend of mine and I created using his ruleset skills and my development skills. Over the period of a few weeks, we created hundreds of thousands of names and weeded them down to a few hundred that we decided to purchase. It helped that I had a lot of cheap credits to use. Of these, over 100 were accepted to brandable marketplaces. We have a couple of sales so far so we are now in the black.

Enjoy the list!

Domain of the Day: fantastic dictionary one-word that would be great for tech, gaming, entertainment

Other Names Up for Auction coming down to the wire on this one. it has passed $17k already. nice little brand, a village in Greece and a project at Microsoft with no trademark that I can find seems like a good e-sports brand to me no bids on this potential journalism brand

GoDaddy Domains With Multiple Bids there have been some incredible dot nets expiring this year popular girl’s name – one spelling of it anyway been around since 1996 – originally owned by Environmental Biotech, Inc I wonder how many of these already exist. It’s a lot, but a nail salon is not going to pay up for a domain. Need a beauty company as the end buyer. several uses for this one with many companies already using the term this one just sounds weird to me – I know it could be used for vitamins or fitness, but it sounds like a human trafficking site gamble Vegas? I see a legal site rather than a site with unpirated movies the best of the best GoDaddy has a value of $4k on this one which I think is too high this is a nice name for a pretty big industry – lots of companies doing this

GoDaddy 4L’s

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids teach by example 19 million people live there – also think this is an awesome name for an Indian owned / Indian themed deli anywhere in the world dog training or pet sitting multiple businesses with this name or with this in their name surprised this one has no bids stand up paddle boarding in Holland the elusive 6L three-worder reminds me of those discovery stores at the mall another one with multiple businesses using the name and here is a place where you can teach it to someone else


Other Godaddy Names With More Than 1 Bid

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