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Trav’s List of Domains at Auction for Monday May 6th, 2019

It’s a good thing that I enjoy looking at and working with domains, because it can be a major time suck.  Between scanning lists, submitting names to marketplaces, entering purchase, drop and sale information, etc… it can disappear an afternoon in no time.  Like everyone starting out, I used to use a spreadsheet to track my domain purchases, sales, drops, etc…  It quickly became obvious that was going to be a nuisance so I wrote my own domain tracking software 5 years ago, and that has been a huge help.  I was on my way to building my own marketplace as well, but I decided to give Efty a try first.  I must say that I really like it so far.  I’m taking a methodical approach and moving sections of my portfolio over at a time.  One of my favorite features is the integration with Google Analytics.  With this info, I’m able to see which domains are getting direct type in visits.  I give the top-visited list to my wife, and she designs a logo for them so that I can include that on the lander and marketplace.  In this way, you can build a nice-looking marketplace on Efty.  I’m moving slowly, but I’ve got a nice process in place now so that I can speed things up.  I’m still using my own software to track price and sales data, but I can export what I want to Efty to host the marketplace.  I hope it works out well – I’ll let you know sometime in the future.

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  cool financial name – at $800 currently  at $1,300 but hasn’t met reserve yet  I’m sure it’s spelled this way somewhere  not bad for a marketplace name at Efty  is there ever a chance this could be used for something other than an adult industry domain?  I guess it is the shortest way to spell the name Connie, but I’m not sure how many people do  not a bad fitness name  I have several of these replace the first letter with a z names – this is a good one, and it has met reserve at $999  auto, home, reputation – nice one

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  I had no idea why the high price and high valuation until I looked it up. Watch (timepiece) in German. Very nice name.  a couple of 3C’s  a few 4L’s – good letters on the first two  a 1999 name, and the bidding has already shot way past the GD valuation  an ing and a plural – it’s ok I guess  a 1996 brandable type name for promote  here is the middle and the bottom when everyone wants the top – with regards to domains that is…  nice crypto rhymer  pay attention to how often politicians say the word folks – it’s transparent and very annoying  sounds like a company because it is or was – multiple companies in multiple parts of the world actually  sounds like a fund  I think we all see Ganesh here  I’m not sure it has much value, but there are 7 bidders  very nice name for a resume writing service  one of those rare names that would be more valuable with whats in front of it  peak is nice, advisors is a nuisance because of advisers  my mind went straight to hmm… this one doesn’t seem appropriate, but there is an interesting marriage proposal planner business set up on That is a totally different take  what a cool name – love it  nice rhyme, but it doesn’t sound like a good bridal name to me  landscaping may want it  interior design

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids  a subscription service where you receive a box of grass every month  several million potential buyers of this name  totally  spa, travel, app, product  great name if you want to build a hosting company or affiliate hosting business – I don’t think I would buy it to resell it though  tutoring, training, cheating  teaching resource or online publication  here is a business opportunity for you. buy this name. build a good site dedicated to rims, wheels and tires. search google for rims affiliate program. join programs. earn.  when getting credit elsewhere is a fantasy  one place I am seriously considering moving to  the place to acquire all of your yoga essentials  girls club  not usually a fan of numbers in names like this, but I like it for a design firm  the unintended ommission of a letter or symbol in writing – never heard that word before  local news, arts, culture  sounds like a vegan brand  so does this  crypto mining  gold names are pretty popular  haha sold for $100 on Flippa a few days ago – no reason this wouldn’t do the same  a publication for radiologists  literal adherence to a body of scripture  diversity is a big topic  the alternate spelling issue isn’t as bad if you own both of them  pest control in Texas  there’s a professional hockey player that might really want this domain  a couple of decent pet brands  there are a few companies already using this name  good oil / oil services company name – there is a company website on already

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