Tuesday 3/29’s DailDomain Auction and Drop Picks

Mar 29 2011

Today’s list is a little different than most. A little mix of keywords and low risk names. Not going to make a fortune on any of these names but I think that every one of these would be a great deal at the present prices (except for 888). This is my low income domain name list.

TSCN.com These are my initials. Well if I had one more last name and it ended with N it would be. I still like it anyway. 1997 registration and all four letters solid

SkiTrainer.com Not a lot of searches but certainly a call for this product. $79

ePoets.com Roses are red. Violets are blue. It’s only $69. I never was a very good poet

RentalTrucks.com Big name nice CPC

DeerBlinds.net For $12 it’s a great deal. 4500 searches will let you get your money back quickly. Will you get rich on it? No. But I guarantee you don’t lose more than $12 (unless another reader bids on it)

KevinRose.net It means brilliant douchebag in Spanish

CurrentSpecials.com About $15 billion dollars cheaper than Groupon

WeddingVideo.org 50,000 searches and a $2400 valuate

ChatAll.com A $69 version of CamRoulette. 1998 registration Easy to say and remember

888.mobi Anyone else seen a dot mobi sell for more than 11,800 in the last year? That’s where this auction is

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