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I Just Hand Registered the Biggest New Trend In Parties in 100 Years

I’m not sure how it came to me.  It’s a trend that is exploding.  An event that women everywhere are spending an amazing amount of time and money to prepare for.  Now becoming as popular as a wedding and bridal showers.  And something I had never heard of in my life and today I heard about it from 3 different people going to three separate events of this nature.

Last night my wife was the final catalyst.  She told me that she couldn’t believe what a big deal women were making about revealing the gender of their babies.   They were having big parties all built around the announcement of the sex of their unborn child.  A friend of my wife even had the gender put on a card and baked into a cake.  Eventually one person would get the piece of cake and reveal the sex of the baby or choke on the piece of paper, which ever came first.  Either way it was going to be exciting.  A girl at work joked she was going to be a little late for the next day because she was going to a Gender Reveal Party.  It was the second time I had heard of these new parties and I could think of was how weird the name was.  That was until my wife said it again.  But this time I was in front of a computer with Google and Godaddy sitting right in front of me.

Immediately I typed it in Google to see if anyone else called it a “Gender Reveal Party”.  I was amazed, millions of articles discussing it.  Eight dollars later I am the proud owner of If you use a tool like estibot and valuate you’ll find there are not a lot of searches (none)  but this is a very new phenomenon.  It’s really only started to explode over the last 12 months.  I’m sure people have been doing things like this forever but it seems lately new mothers are starting to try and outdo each other for each reveal. When people try and outdo each other that means two things.  One, they are looking for new ideas and two, they are going to try and outspend their friends.

Who knew it.  I would be the king of the Gender Reveal Parties.  I am already thinking of creative ways to reveal the sex.  My first reveal is having all the girls over to watch a football game and then suddenly Chad Ochocinco scores a touchdown, takes off his shirt,  and he has “It’s A Boy” carved into his chest hair.  Can’t wait to see the girls top that one.

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27 Replies to “I Just Hand Registered the Biggest New Trend In Parties in 100 Years”

  1. Pretty nice trend analysis. New concept to me, and i think you got a nice domain for it. Only domain that seems to may be better from a branding aspect is PinkvsBlue dot com but that was taken in 05.

  2. Looks like you tipped your hand. Shortly after your posting of this reg, someone (not me) regged, and

    1. Kevin,

      I still got the better name. One even paid for privacy. A cowardly act in this case. Why pay that money instread of admitting they are my lackey? 🙂

  3. Hi Shane, That’s interesting ! it would explain why I’ve been getting offers on one of my old domains, makes sence now. Jack or Jill dot com. I always new it would make a great baby site some day and this confirms it, I bet this trend is related in some way.

  4. I see is still available… I think I almost walked into a bar in Bangkok that specialized in that back in 2003… 😉

  5. nice observation shane. way to go and see the trend that may start a new type of tradition in the coming years, yeah? gj on that one 🙂 must’ve been an exciting moment where u hear it and ur wife talks about it and then boom! it’s got good results and the domain is free 😀

  6. Well I can tell you right now it will never work! No hand registered names have value of any kind…THAT’S WHAT THE “PROS” TELL US AND THEY CAN’T BE WRONG RIGHT?????

  7. nice catch
    word tracker shows
    gender reveal party
    16 WT
    20 G
    8 Y!
    28 Total search
    but it looks like will rise up in months 🙂

  8. This would be a good site to develop.

    People with this kind of money are most likely upscale. Design a site with pricey (but cool) products and you have hit a gold mine .. I guarantee the SEO will be very simple. A couple articles, a dig or two, so on … and you are in the top 10 with the lack of competition.

    Cash in now, and continue by developing it and it will be easy to maintain. Wait to develop it and you will have regrets. It will also give you the chance to position yourself as an authority if done right.

    Good Job, think you got a winner there .. Web site catering towards people with a lot of disposable income 🙂 Now you just gotta supply their demands !

  9. I’ve heard of this before – in fact, I’ve been a lucky participant in a party to reveal my own nephew’s gender (“nephew’s gender” seems redundant when I write that). However, I have often heard these parties referred to as “announcements” as opposed to “reveals”. I see: are both taken, and it appears they both get more google results than “genderreveal” when typed into search – is there another way to go at this? Thoughts?

  10. I can relate, I saw a tv report on the earnings of dead celebrities. They were being referred to as “delebs”. Jumped off to GoDaddy, and hand-regged DELEBS.COM

  11. Well done! Congratulations! Amazing that nobody had thought about it before you. For people able to sense emerging trends, there are definitely still golden opportunities around…

  12. Shane – Thanks for the inspiration!

    Your article reminded me that in this morning’s paper, there was a big article about women who have baby showers _after_ the baby is born. They call it a “welcome to the world party”. That phrase (in quotes) gets 3x as many Google results as “gender reveal party”.

    So after reading your piece, I hustled over to my friendly registrar website, and I’m now the proud papa of two newborn domains: welcome to the world party [and parties] dot com. 🙂 I hope your trend and mine both continue to expand!

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