Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Deleting

Nov 29 2011

Looks like we have a few new people doing daily lists so I’m going to have to step it up a notch.  Maybe not with this list. I did over 300 daily lists last year so what I lack in skill I make up for a little bit in consistency.

Shena.com 1997 Birthday.  Not a huge fan because I think most people will spell it ShEEna.  But there are girls named Shena.  Because heaven forbid you have a common name in today’s society.

Xercise.com Because exercise alone won’t help you take off weight.  You need to step it up a notch and Xercise.

5630.com Surprisingly at $2000 already

IWantMoney.com No sense beating around the bush.  Sell this one to Kim Kardashian to use as a personal email

h8.cc Two character BUT cc hasn’t had the best resale value.   That’s like saying that Zsa Zsa Gabor didn’t have the best luck in marriage.  Or maybe it’s doesn’t.  I get the Gabor sisters mixed up. One is dead and one got married a bunch of times

Laguna.tv Obviously not as strong as laguna.com or lagunabeach.com but there’s plenty of visual in Laguna Beach.

Shuxue.com Means Mathematics in Chinese and if you’re aren’t aware, they tend to be pretty good at math.  If you’re not then the current 60,000 RMB bid comes out to $9398 USD at today’s exchange rate.

BoxingGloves.org You can sell a pair to the 7 people that haven’t switched from boxing to Mixed Martial Arts.

ForexChart.com Everyone knows that Forex has a great CPC but I have yet to meet someone that’s monetized it other than going long the dollar the last few weeks.

GayMonkey.com “Work the Banana”  I even gave you a slogan to go with the name.  On the house.

DnBX.com You domain people just love domains that start with Dn.

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