Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping Around the Net 2-6-12

Feb 07 2012

Good morning.  I forgot to mention how great I thought the chat with Biz Stone was at DomainFest.  Here are a few of the quotes he gave that I really enjoyed.  After that are a few names

“Creativity is a renewable resource”

“Information + Understanding = Action”

“To succeed spectacularly you have to be able to fail spectacularly”

“There are more smart people outside the company than inside”

“We will win if the users are happy”

“The only deal worth doing is win win”


MemoryFoamToppers.net  12,000 searches and a $5.58 CPC makes this a good buy at $60

BagofDicks.com  Something some people go and eat

 Kept.org  Many of the girls I know are this.

SellaSite.com  Great name for a place to sell….a…..site

BikeGear.org  12,000 searches for $12

DietForDogs.com   Fat owners, skinny dogs

OnlineBrewery.com  Curious how you would build it out but you can do anything on the net.  Even brew beer.  12 years old

TopScorer.net  One of the great talks this past weekend was drawing Google users for low paying keywords and then introducing them to higher paying keywords.  Soccer fans love looking up top scorers and will buy team related items.  1999 Birthday

 BrooklynNewYork.info  Not sure a lot of people want to visit Brooklyn but then again everything I know about Brooklyn I learned from the Beastie Boys and Jay-Z

Burrito.info   Now THIS I know about.

Names found using Dropday

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  1. LSM

    Lots of opportunity left in semantic targeting.
    The obvious content-flanks for higher paying verticals are pretty well mined out, but there is still sooooo much opportunity out there.

    There are enough niche credit card, mortgage and insurance products for any site to maximize its demographic offerings.

  2. TD

    Nice list, and thanks for switching back to your old theme, much better than the new one you were using for the past weeks.

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