Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net

Feb 06 2012

I’m writing this during the Superbowl and I’m tempted to go ahead and write this and guess the winner.  It’s halftime and I’m going to say congrats to the Superbowl Champ Giants because I lost $2500 betting against them a few years ago and I  promised myself I never would again.  Here are today’s names.  There are some decent names today, not very deep, and a ton of three letter dot nets. (and the picture?  someone sent it too me and I thought it was adorable)  Last names have good value as blogs or emails  No bidders on this cute little name.  All girls seem to have the go to little dress in the closet.  One of several three letter dot nets going to auction today  Long name, long race, easy build out.  I don’t have time so you do it.  No bidder for this 1999 domain.  Not a keyword gem but certainly descriptive.  Everyone loves New York Real Estate.  Where parking spots cost more than homes in Central Illinois.  Become the king of chum  A lot of left of the dot possibilities here  The perfect name for a water conservation website.  1997 Birthday.  I’d much rather have the singular but with no bidders this isn’t a bad deal.

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