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Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-29-12

It all starts today. Today is the day I start my Ironman training and switch back to my diet. Its also the day when I start the week where I feel like I’m starving to death and slowly ween myself off sleep to the point where 7 hours a night can sustain a schedule of kick ass workouts and a 12 hour work day. It’s also the time where I get a little crabby and fatigue becomes my pillow. The race is Sept 9th at the Rev3 Iron Distance at Cedar Point with a little chaser of the NY Marathon in November. I’ve also decided to do Comrades in South Africa. A little 56 mile run up a few little hills. And I’m going to use domaining to fund it all…..I hope. Now here are today’s picks.

iGear.comBig price on this one. Apple may be bidding against you so you may need to transfer some funds into your domain buying account. Google’s most likely the driver of the big price this domain is getting. This was registered WAY before Google ever thought of circles. Love this one. Cool looking, pronounceable I bid $250 instantly but already outbid. I’ll be back

InstantDigital.comMemorable name and good for use in the photography sector. No bidders, 10 years old

HostFind.comBig CPC in the hosting category. Simple and consumers will easily know that this is a host finder site. 1997 domain with no bidders.  Audio books or music would work well here   More of a brand than a category killer but I like it  I feel like I visited this site in 1997  Obvious on this one.  Obvious if you live in Chicago.  Not sure if the Bears will let you keep it  It’s the next step up from a regular old like  As good of a daily deal name as any


If you think you can hand register something better then Here you go, just put in the code FLOWERS and it’s only $1.49 a year at Godaddy

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4 Replies to “Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-29-12”

  1. Domaining as a way to pay for international racing – nice! Was very impressed when you got the qualifying time for Boston – although my need for sleep goes up when I up the training, not down.
    Thanks, as ever, for the list.

  2. Maybe “Runs long distances (and owns a wetsuit and a race bike, although saying triathlete would probably be stretching it.)” should have been on your post about habits of a typical domainer?

    100 miles? Yikes! Did the London to Brighton challenge this year which was 100km (65 miles?) and that really wasn’t pleasant – was 16 days ago and I tried two very slow steady miles yesterday for the first time and my legs really don’t work anymore! The idea of doing 50% more fills me with dread – and a certain amount of awe and respect.

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