Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks 8/29

Aug 30 2011

This is most likely the worst daily list ever assembled.  I’ve seen days where no decent names were available but this one might take the cake.  Even more surprising are some of the names that people are bidding on.  Godaddy and Namejet must be giggling.  It’s like throwing away an old pair of socks because they smell and have holes in them and then a guy comes by, fishes them out of the trash, and leaves $50 in your mailbox.  To improve the list I scanned the forums to find some names with real prices and sellers that actually looked like they wanted to move a name.  Let’s take a look.

8L.com Already at $20,000 and not at reserve.  A bit above my budget but that 8 draws a lot of attention in China.

OldNail.com This is how desperate I am for a name today.  At least I know these two words

PDN.com Motivated seller here. I love motivated sellers

XDT.com BIN at $5K.  I think it’s a fair price.

HoustonOnline.com I lived in Houston in the days of Earl Cambell.  Any time I see the word Houston I think of “Luv Ya Blue” and the man with legs the size of tree trunks.

JaQi.com Officially a CVCV.  Not the best but certainly worth a few hundred dollars.

IWantAQuote.com Ends very soon after this publishing.  A nice name for insurance or any business that offers quotes.

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  1. Michael

    Amazing with those Chinese and their numerals…

    Where is XDT.com for sale as there is no link? Thanks.

  2. Troy

    Oh, I guess you just schedule your posts to publish at specific times then? I was under the assumption that you published your posts when you woke up and I was trying to figure out the time difference from where I am. I was thinking you were this crazy guy that was so motivated that you would wake up at 2am to get blogging!

    My dad used to get up near 4am so I am familiar with you early risers but I thought you were some time of early morning monster since your daily domain post usually is published before I go to bed.

    Guess I was wrong.

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