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Why I Almost Quit Blogging This Past Week But Pivoted Instead

This post isn’t for sympathy or a search for “you do a good job” comments.  It’s a a story of reality.  The reality is writing a site completely on your own is draining.  The time it takes to write, gather, and research takes hours and the time to criticize takes seconds. It’s not about money.  From that standpoint things couldn’t be any better.  It’s about taking a plate and filling it until things fall off the side.  I chose to do all the things on that plate so nobody is to blame but me, but something was going to have to give.   It all came to a head this week when I got tired.  Tired from the nursery, tired from Ironman training, tired from traveling, and a few emails that pissed me off.  I simply sat down and said “I don’t feel like doing this anymore”.

I am a very positive person. I carry a smile with me every where I go. I can see benefit and usefulness in most everything I experience. At the same time you won’t see me using the words “amazing, incredible, and must see” because I am also not easily wowed. Too many people get excited over people accomplishing normal things. So it’s with these thoughts that made me sit back and ponder what I have to offer a reader and whether I think I can provide a reader anything of value. Above normal. I also question whether I am willing to “deal” with the light minded people that feel use criticism of others to make themselves feel better. In short, do I want to spend the time necessary to make a decent site and can I enjoy myself along the journey?

I also got into a short “conversation” with Francois of He has a difficult job. He’s built a platform that draws people from all over the world. He has two objectives, one to make money and two, to try and present a professional presentation of the domain investing world. Most of the popular sites in are personal blogs written from an individual point of view. The readers of these sites have taken interest in both the professional and personal side of the writers. There are articles unrelated to domaining that pop up and others that promote their own products. I understand Francois’ point of view that it’s hard to sell ads if a blogger can simply write an article of promotion and have it up on the feed. On the flip side, a writer can write whatever they want because it’s their blog/site and their content.  If Francois takes down feeds or complains, he comes across as an ass but yet he sends tens of thousands of valued readers to all the blogs.  He took down one of my articles because it promoted a domain and I blew up at him.  After I settled down and a few emails later,  I took a look at things from his side of our relationship.  I realized he was doing his job and probably would have done the same thing, but it also got me to thinking.  Do I want to have half my traffic based in one person’s control? I answered that one quickly.  I should not bother me because Francois helped me build this site to what it is today. Quit bitching and grow the partnership.  If I have a problem talk it out.  I did and now we’re completely on the same page.

During my self questioning I also sent an email to a few of the higher profile bloggers that I either highly respect and/or have become friends.   The responses were all that I needed to to keep writing.  From Berkens to Elliot, they were simple words and advice that made me realize that we all feel the same way at times and good things aren’t easy. They take effort and sacrifice but at the end of the day, you are the only one that can make a decision, but make sure it’s based on the right things.  They pointed me to the right things.

The world is made up of lazy people but I don’t put myself in that category. If people spent as much time actually doing as they do making excuses as to why they don’t  accomplish things, they would likely be more productive. But there is only so much time. Most people say they don’t have the time to do something but the reality is they don’t want to MAKE the time. I can’t make any more time. Berkens, Elliot and Andrews of DNW do this for a living. They have the most time, experience, and respect of anyone in this arena and therefore should have the most/best information. When a company or person wants information shared, these are the people you go to. As a completely unrelated business owner that has to devote the majority of time to that venture, it is impossible to “compete” with them. It’s a choice I’ve made, but I am a competitor by nature. I want to do well. To put up a quality site that others want to read. It gets to me that most people don’t consider my site of value, but I do understand why. It drives me to work harder but as things stagnate and you can’t do things the way you want to do them, there comes a time when you have to quit or pivot.

That’s why I’ve decided to hire or take on another writer. Someone that has a little time each day to help do a story and some research. Perhaps to scour places like to dig up information on new registrations. Research some recent sales and who were the buyers. Information that I cant seem to find time to gather. And of course, the person has to have a good sense of humor and enjoy life. It will be a chance to make a little money but also chance to learn and meet the great people of this industry.  I personally will continue to do things exactly like I do but I want to offer more.  Same humor and style that I’ve been using, just more.  From this point on, no more bitching about not getting done, I will build a team that will get it done.

So thanks to all that read the site and continue to come back. Part of writing a site that is a complete reflection of yourself is when you don’t enjoy the reflection.  Fortunately it was short term and I realize I absolutely love writing and for the most part would continue to express my thoughts and findings regardless of whether anyone reads or I have advertisers.  Once I lose that feeling, THEN you will see the end.

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20 Replies to “Why I Almost Quit Blogging This Past Week But Pivoted Instead”

  1. That post was dripping with honesty. You do a great job man. I find your posts very interesting and thank you for writing them!

  2. Shane,

    I love your blog! It’s by far my favorite. I find that I can relate to you more than I can Rick or Elliot or others that do this full time. I enjoy reading their stuff too, but you definitely have a different perspective that’s a lot of fun. I looked for you all weekend. Glad you’re back.


  3. Shane keep at it. This is the only blog in any subject that I visit daily. You write good material and its all over the map. Your insight is always interesting. If I just want to scan the news I check out, but if I want something interesting…I come here. You probably don’t hear it often, but I know a lot of people appreciate your blog. Your an important part of the fabric of the community. Cheers! Jay

  4. Just reread your post, will be hard to bring on another writer I think. People don’t come here for domaining news, when they want that they go to People come here for Shane’s view, whether they agree with it or not. Face it man, your a brand! That’s something to be proud of, be careful with expanding that, because your new people aren’t representing the industry new’s, they are representing you.

  5. Maybe it’s time to accept articles from guest bloggers too. Other high profile bloggers do this and it certainly enriches the content of their blogs.

  6. I can’t really tell you to keep going or not, but you are doing a great job. I was a fairly active blogger but ended up taking a 1year break a little late last year. Needed to focus on organizing and I was getting too overwhelmed with the e-mails/messages/research/etc. and I wanted to keep my blog extremely ad-free, but there was no motivation without the cash. I just ‘quit’ cold-turkey and will probably resume sometime next year once everything is all said and done and I can get back to helping people with domaining.

    We took a huge dip the last couple years and it has been a bit of a challenge to make it up to those levels. Evolving in this industry is a must and wow… it has been a hell of a ride from what used to be to what it is today. The ‘old school tactics’ are pretty f*in irrelevant today, and in this dog-fighting age of domaining… grr… gotta be as strong as possible.

    I’d hate to see you go ;-). I enjoy reading domainshane!


  7. GREAT!

    Lost you it’s something that will have been terrible for all your fans, including me.

    Shane you direct tone is very appreciated in the domaining community and trust me, you don’t need anyone else to post in your blog to improve it, it’s your personal touch that made it so attractive. The only you need is a bit more time but the solution is simple, blog at your rythm.

  8. You bring a unique perspective on Domaining – that of a successful business owner who domains on the side for ten years, also successfully – it would be a shame to lose! Most big domainers dabble in development, but their main thing is flipping domains. Tia Wood is a developer’s perspective of domaining. Then some like Jamie have jobs and domain part-time.

    @ Jason Stewart said, “People don’t come here for domaining news, when they want that they go to People come here for Shane’s view.”


  9. With a business to run, employees that rely on you, kids and a wife, not to mention that you have a life for yourself, it’s understandable that yoiu’ve refleceted on time. I missed your blog over the weekend, and, selfishly, hope you get your groove back.

  10. Shane “I will blog for food” Cutlra,

    Give it up

    Your blog is dreary & boring

    You have NOTHING original to say

    I expect you you to soon post about what you had for breakfast

    EXcept for this reply, i only have to look at your headline on to avoid your blog

    I expect you to be gone, dead & buried within 12 months…after all the advertisers have pulled out, leaving you for dead.

    Let’s see how much you have when there are zero, nada advertisers paying your bills

    You can’t polish a turd that is you.

    1. These are the type of comments that make it tough. If anyone wants to do some private investigating I’d love to know who this is. Here is the ips he uses if any other wordpress user wants to cross check for me. Not a big deal. Don’t mind the comments but would love to remove the shield in front of the face.

  11. Shane,

    You write a very reasonable blog that has a very unique take on life aswell as domainig. Hopefully – you can work things out so that you find the balance you are seeking – be it employing other bloggers or simply continuing as you have been doing up until now.

    As to the above shmuck who posts an anonymous hate comment, i feel for you. It would piss me off big time and probably end up doing something i shouldnt do.

    Here is a toast to you Shane – to your blog, your business and your insane workout routines!!

  12. Shane,

    I follow your blog daily and enjoy your common sense approach to domains and business. Your writing style is engaging… you certainly have talent in this area. Keep it up and ignore the haters.



  13. Hi Shane,

    It truly bothered me to see how the words of certain disagreeable individuals has affected you. I don’t doubt that you are able to accept constructive criticism. You couldn’t be running a successful nursery otherwise. Therefore, the problem must lie with the people who take pleasure in tormenting others simply for the sake of entertaining themselves. Fortunately, they are in the minority. Personally, I love your blog and your view on things. On numerous occasions you have made me laugh so hard that my wife has stopped what she was doing just to come over and see what was so funny. Even my teenage daughter has shared a link or two with some of her friends.

    When you can manage to bridge the age gap like you have, it’s an indication that what you have is something special. Maybe we, the readers, are partly to blame. We enjoy what you write, yet don’t take the time to let you know what we think. I offer you my sincerest apologies, time constraints make me do the selfish thing of simply reading and taking off.

    To change your blog up, by hiring someone else to write for you, simply to please the naysayers would be a mistake. Take that step only if you believe it’s the right thing to do. In life you will never be able to please everyone no matter how hard you try.

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

    Concerning François, I would recommend he take a good long hard look at who his customers really are. As a reader I don’t want to pay anything or be bothered with an extra account or password, but he may make a few dollars when I buy a domain at or As an owner of a blog I may not be willing to pay either, because I provide him with content, but might be willing to throw a few dollars every month if I knew that the posts I make where I advertise my own domains would be included in the feed. As a provider of services to the domaining community there could be no better place where I can reach domainers than on since many of them will return to it sometimes a dozen times per day. As a provider of professional services to business in general, why wouldn’t I also want to market those services to an untapped market for me through Domainers too may need to incorporate, get tax advice, buy stationery, etc.

    Feel free to transmit a copy of the previous paragraph to François if you like. I’m up to my eyeballs in trying to improve my business and need every extra second I can get. The only reason I took the time to write this is that I love your blog. Thankfully, you pivoted!


    peter h

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