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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auctions and Dropping Domain Picks

Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials further solidified my argument that many of those companies would have been better off spending some of their money on THE category killer domain.  What domains I don’t know,  but I do know this. I could absolutely have spent their 3-4 million dollars and gotten more reach. Many of commercials lacked originality and never broke the mold of a guy acting like an idiot.  Most lacked stickiness and never even tried to draw the audience to experience more at their website. The one positive, they advertised at the Super Bowl. The greatest opportunity for all advertisers.  A day when everyone is a judge and actually cares about the commercials. Too bad most wasted the opportunity.  Speaking of opportunity, here are the names for today. 1995 domain so it has lots of age, pronounceable 4 letter as well.  Will cost you more than a grand Not sure what this is but it’s got to be better than regular parking Best AND Free Had to look twice to see if this was misspelled. I think this is going to go for a very fair price I do very well with the scarf domains but I only do colors. You have to draw the line somewhere I guess  $1200 valuate The way we see movies may change with time but we’ll always need a way to record them Should be worth a few hundred dollars 6700 searches and $5.05 CPC Not much value as a generic but great site name.  Was a blog and DMOZ listed

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Its’ funny, I was thinking the SAME EXACT THING while watching the MEDIOCRE (at best) commercials. Take the 3-4 mil and go get the .com brandable category killer that will skyrocket your business. Thinking about it now, spend $200k-$500k on the domain, then spend 1-2 mill on viral marketing and branding and seo and all that good stuff and really REACH. Marketing executives (like most old executives with their “cushy” jobs they have bc they have been with the company for 30+ years) = dumb and not with the times.

    I’ll have my shot one day, just going to stay persistent is all.

  2. Couldn’t agree more on the money for the ads vs domains. Bob Parsons could have bought several category defining names for Godaddy with much less money and then do what you both suggest… odd.

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