Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: Fiesta.com

Jun 21 2011

The winner today seems to be Boxcar with a good list of names ending today. There is one major flaw in the system though. I have absolutely no idea what the reserves are. They could be $1000 or they could be $400,000, I have no idea. Now lets take a look at today’s names.

USpm.com 4 letter dot com with US in it is good enough for me be interested although I haven’t added any 4L dot coms lately. 1998 Birthday.

Traffic2Income.com $400 is pretty good price for a 19,000 links and a PR6

Ring.com Great name, 0% chance of selling at this price

Fiesta.com Fantastic name. One of my favorite names to come across a non major auction.

Acre.com See above and click the boxcar link to the right for more. I’m not saying that because they are an advertiser. I’m saying it because there is a shitload of good names today

HelpSomeone.org I love this name for $100. Perfect for the dot org and such a positive name

Cemetery.net One represents dead and the other side of the dot seems to be dying

NFR,org It’s not NPR it’s N FFFF R. Completely different

Aritek.com If you like aged domains then you’ll like this 1993 domain

SouthBeach.info Dot info is a great name for sites that provide……………well……… info

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  1. Mike

    Oh Shane, I know, I know! Adding reserve ranges is on the list, trust me!

    Yet our auctions are like all auctions – some are well priced, some are overpriced (to domainers perhaps but not to end-users, if that is who seller is marketing to). And isn’t it all subjective anyway? And based on our needs, budgets, etc?

    I’ll make sure you get the scoop when ranges are added ;o)

    Cheers, Mike

  2. Mike

    Careful with Traffic2Income.com – Yahoo Site Explorer link domain tool shows all those links no longer exist.

  3. don

    I checked bl as well and they all appeared to be from the same website for the traffic2income name, some great names in the list though!

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