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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops

I picked up what I think is a great name for development yesterday…bookbags[dot]org yesterday. Millions of students looking for these things and I’ll be putting an ecommerce thing on this soon. I think dot ors are way undervalued when it comes to selling products. Still a tough flip but does very well in products sales for me. If there are any mistakes in this post please forgive me as it’s my first attempt at a complete post using my iPad. Now onto the names Banking domains give great CPC and this name clearly defines the site and it’s purpose. Vacations is a nice keyword and everyone like to be happy so why not try combine them. Pretty easy logo here too with the smiley face Big CPC of $14 and there are a ton of people looking to generate mortgage leads and just as many people looking to find out how to do it online and generate them using a website. Teach them I haven’t bought any diamonds in 16 years and I still hate them but my friend Paris Hilton tells me pink diamonds are all the rage

PocketPus##. net Last two letter S and Y and although I’ve never personally owned one I know there are a few buyers out there. It’s going to be a tough website build with my wife around though As an all Mac owner I don’t see much value in this but if you own a PC this is a hell of a domain

Remember if you didn’t see a name you like try finding one at

Domain Spotlight: