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Want to Learn How to Monetize a Site? Go To Their Tradeshow

We all have domains in areas we know absolutely nothing about. Whether it be insurance, medical, toys, or plants I know one place that you can go to find people that can help you find a means to monetize the category…….a tradeshow. Every industry has them and they’re not very hard to find.

Most likely if there is a major city near you there is a tradeshow or conference for that industry. And guess what? They’re not that expensive. For a few hundred dollars you can meet people that can guide you in the right direction for leads. Heck you may even be able to sell the domain. At the very least, you should be able to get some good photos out of the deal. Photos that aren’t the typical stock photos on everyone else’s site.

Another great thing about trade shows and conferences is the domain name ideas it gives you. You can see the latest products and ideas and while everyone else is oooing and ahhhing you can go back to your hotel and register the domains. Of course not the trademark, the generic.

So who has time to take a few days to go to a conference that isn’t work related you may ask. Someone that wants to make money developing sites. If you really want to make money selling something, even google ads, it’s best to know your product and have a somewhat insider point of view. A tradeshow can give you this. As boring as credit repair may be. A conference on credit repair may give you enough info to write 5 good articles. A good credit website will make you thousands of dollars. Certainly worth the investment of a few days and a few hundred bucks.

So pack up the bags, head to Vegas and go see the Adult Video Awards and tradeshow because if you’re going to do that website of adult sex toys you’re really going to need to do some homework and get some photos. And if you need some help, feel free to give me a call.

Domain Spotlight: