Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Oct 26 2010

Way too much drama lately in domaining.  Looks like a few people had their feelings hurt in South Beach.  The Internet is a tough business.  Too many shields, a whole lotta cursing, flame throwing, and no accountability. Reminds me of college. Now onto the names

Lule.com My tongue gets all twisted just saying it but 123 people love it

4Pet.net Say it aloud.  My favorite name of the day.  I like it better than the dot com

eComps.com Great Vegas casino name……well great because it’s going to go cheap (1997 domain)

Agrsci.org If PR 7s are your thing, here you go

TDMS.com We’ve talked here about the increasing value of quality 4L domains. Here is one

PayoffStudentLoans.com Long name but works.  Nice $7 CPC and 2300 searches

NCPN.com See above

HitShop.com A nice marijuana domain

Flawless.net It doesn’t get any better than flawless unless it was dot com

Fairfax.org $8300 valuate because of all the searches

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