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Oct 26 2010

It’s not exactly what dot co is trying to promote but there are certainly some dot co names that get a ton of typo traffic.  An auction that ends in roughly an hour and a half is for IMDB.co a name that gets a ton of traffic.   UPDATE:  It’s actually a typo, it’s IMBD.com. We all know Internet Movie Data Base or IMDB.com and have all been there for one reason or another.  According to Godaddy the site receives 44, 706 hits a month.  Presently the auction is at $906 but I would imagine it is going to go for even higher. UPDATE:  They are buying it for pure traffic, that is if the numbers are real.  The first auction Jamie (see link below)  covered seemed shady, combined with this one makes it even more puzzling.  The first auction had 300 visitors only.

I’m not sure the buyer would stand a chance in court but like so many other typos, the buyers seem to be willing to take the chance.

PS: That’s not me,  that’s Matthew McConaughey

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  1. Jamie

    IMBD.co (typo of IMDB.com) was on auction at Godaddy back in August. That domain was bid over $6,500 the last time I checked.

    The seller had BS stats posted that it got 300 a day but since the domain was on a standard Godaddy page they couldn’t track stats. Here is a link to when I covered the IMBD.co domain in August if you wish to read it. http://www.dotweekly.com/imbd-co-domain-reaches-over-5-5k-early-at-auction

    Considering this is the proper spelling to the popular IMDB.com site, one would think bids would go higher than IMBD.co did.

  2. TLD

    I do not believe those traffic stats.

    I would assume IMDB.co would get some typo traffic, but how many people would type IMBD and .co ? 40,000 per month? Highly unlikely. What is more likely is that this guy either has a popular site and is including a 1×1 iframe of IMBD.co or he is buying extremely cheap traffic from China to bump up the stats. Either way, whoever buys this domain I think will be extremely disappointed with how much true traffic they will be receiving from typos.

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