Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Nov 02 2010

Well today’s the big day.  If you are an American citizen it’s your duty to vote today.  I don’t care what way you vote as long as you do.  Sure, there are a bunch of bums in office but today is your chance to have your voice and put YOUR bum in office.  Now onto the names.

Centavo.com “Penny” in spanish.  I know this because I speak fluent Espanol.  OK I don’t,  and I don’t know where that squiqqly line above the n is on my keyboard either.

SecureURL.com The domain says it all.  I feel safer just owning it

Epuk.com Here’s your chance to own an Epik typo.  You’ll have to fight Mike over it

BettyBoop.net Going to have a little trademark problem here but I’ll leave it up to you

Roofer.org Not sure the dot org works here but sure do like the roofer part

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  1. Dotmainer

    Thank you ! (should be said sometimes 😉
    I know it’s not to ask, because you are providing names for free,
    but how about some more GoDaddy – Expiring/Closeout (Buy Now) names ?
    You had them in past.

    1. Post author

      Good point. I will say that the quality of the godaddy names has fallen dramatically to the point that there just aren’t that many worth buying. I’ll mine that name list first before namejet for the next few days and see if it’s really the names are bad or that by the time I’m done with namejet that I’m too tired to go through godaddy. Thanks

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