Tuesday’s Daily Drop and Auction Picks

Jul 05 2011

Back to the grind today with the rest of the United States taking it easy on a three day weekend.  Like many retail business owners it wasn’t a holiday for me.  Took Sunday off but worked Sat and Monday.  Did find some time for the family and all three of us did well in the annual Freedom 5K.  Even my 11 year old daughter ran under 28 minutes. I took a few hundred pictures of plants for my websites and to cap off the weekend, sold a 5L dot com for $1500 that I paid $150 for in Sept.  I knew I had a great buy when I got it and probably could have gotten more but you never go broke taking a profit. Overall a pretty good weekend.  Lets take a look at some of the other names I found using dropday.

CyberConsultants.com I am only putting this up because there are very few words that date you on the Internet.  One is using the word Cyber.  It explains its 1996 Birthday

TheColonel.com My favorite colonel is Colonel Lingus of the Southern army.

RugRepairs.com If your business involves repairing rugs then there is no better name.  Buy it and sell it to them

35J.com 3 character dot coms, especially NNL.coms, are doing quite well in resale

SignUpSheet.com Great descriptive name.  I already have 2 or three ideas what I could do with this name.  Of course I’m never going to do it so I might as well let you try

ITF.net Immigration, Tobacco and Firearms,  the governments favorite forms of taking your tax money

CommonNames.com What most people have but think they have specialnames.com

CarCover.org Dot orgs can developed just as well as a dot com but I admit doesn’t come across as a business.  People still think Organization but IT IS dot ORG.

LuxuryOutdoor.com Tents with ceiling fans?   That would certainly be luxury outdoors

Shrewd.com Buyer wants WAYYYY too much but nice name up for sale over at one of the forums

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