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Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and a Story

So many people get caught up in what domain they have and forget that the purpose of owning the domain is to actually make money.  Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Not because I got a great domain but because I found a supplier for an item I am about to sell on one of my domains.  I am already selling the item in our stores and have had a good supplier for years but I found out that my supplier has actually been brokering the item from someone else.  Turns out it’s produced by an older woman in Virginia that supplies most of the nation with this plant.  It’s all she does and she does it cheaper and better than anyone else. I was paying .32 and now I am getting it for .10.    AND……she is going to ship it directly to my customers for me.  I just take the order and send it to her.   This cost change will make me more money on this one item than I’ll make on all my “mini-sites” combined.   That’s not to say there isn’t money in domains so let’s see if there are a couple worth picking up. Another fine 5L dot com that will go for a lot of money.  Chaba is a nice geo as well Sounds like a site for Fitty Cents’ son Look how much traffic this dropper gets.  Wow! He was born to be a tv star I’m not putting this up because I like it , but to show you that some domains are worthless.  This doesn’t even make sense yet someone will buy it.  Yes I’m qualified to say this domain is a waste of money Huge TM issues here so I wouldn’t get anywhere near this one,  but I thought I would point it out for all you bad seeds 27,000 searches, $2000 valuate and a simple easy to remember name for an upload site 3 letter dot org.  A commodity and I thought I was going to hell for the jesus comment above.  Register this as you will take the fast track.

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2 Replies to “Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and a Story”

  1. Shane,

    I was wondering what is your opinion on, and domains.
    Is there a market for them and also what is a reasonable price for these kind of names.

  2. The funny thing about is that most Americans would think of a derogatory meaning to this.

    However in a place like Brazil, and some other latin countries, a term like Negro is used as a term of affection. In Brazil, if I call my girlfriend “Neginha”, the equivalent of Negro, it is a sweet compliment… calling her my “little black girl”, even if she is white.

    It’s crazy the difference.

    What is even crazier is that is appears that the domain is owned by a Jewish peron in Israel of all places…..LOL.

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