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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

The hardest part of selling a domain is getting paid. You get offers all the time.  Everyone’s eager for you to accept a bid but when it comes to getting paid, patience is the key.  If you need quick cash you better not get into domaining.  You can get it but you’ll have to sell it for a bargain on a forum, otherwise, it’s a waiting game.  Now on to the names and didn’t find too many exciting ones. As a Chicago racer I realize the value of this one. There are tons of Chicago running races and this would be a great site to talk and give info about them (11 year old domain) Doesn’t valuate well but certain to go for over a grand.  Nice name for kids products and a PR 5 and DMOZ listed DMOZ listed as well  PR4 .  Plenty of uses This one would be good for the former mayor  of this area…….Howard Neu

If anyone is interested in buying or helping, I would be willing to send one of these two names to auction for a  $60 offer or

Domain Spotlight:

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